Best new slot machines for free

Slot makers must be working overtime because there are loads of new slot games that are being released in the market at a speedy rate. This is great news for any gambler because it goes to show that you can always anticipate some updates whenever you visit   There is plenty of information that is out there about new slots, and we are committed to making sure that our readers get a dose of the latest happenings in the slot world. To begin with, we will talk about some fresh features that the new titles are introducing to the industry.  

New Slots Features

When studying any slot to explore, it is advisable to look at the features that it comes with to know if it will pick your interest or not. Typically, it’s because it affects the whole feel of the title. It goes without saying that the new releases are usually more enjoyable and thrilling to play. Software developers always want to outdo each other when it comes to the things they can offer in their products. It is a move that is highly beneficial for gaming lovers because they end up enjoying the very best experiences when playing slots. Some innovative features that new slots are bringing to the table include:  

  • Bonus rounds – These are additional or extra rounds that a player can trigger when they land on certain symbols when playing a specific slot. If you are placing bets on the slot, it usually implies that you will not pay for these rounds. They increase your chances of winning highly since you do not invest in them, but they can give you some cash at the end of the day. In the current releases, these rounds are now more engaging where you can get options to pursue like choosing a box with the rounds or some cash to intensify your experience.


  • Wild symbols – These play a very important role when a slot contestant is trying to complete a winning combination. In most cases they are jokers, and they will replace all the other symbols on your reels with an exception of the scatter. Note that there are some new slot machines where the wilds do not replace the other symbols. They may also appear in different forms like walking, sticky or stacked wilds. They are profitable and exciting as they mostly result in better winnings. In some instance, they also serve as multipliers.


  • Winning lines – Also known as paylines these are a very important feature of the slots. The number of winning lines will directly affect the winning chances. Most recent slots present 243 winning lines. Some even extend to a thousand or more. This is a huge improvement from what was available in the past where a title could only come with one, two or three paylines.  Worth noting is that some are fixed while other slot titles allow participants to adjust their winning lines.


Casino Promotions

As you play new slots online there is a high chance you will come across some exciting deals that will make you want to play for longer hours. Gaming dens are constantly doing all they can to make sure they capture and keep the attention of players for the longest possible time.  Some of these treats are described below:  

  • Free Spins – It looks like the number of rounds you can play at no cost is increasing with the introduction of new slots. It allows you to have more rounds that can boost your winning opportunities. Some gaming clubs will include hundreds of free spins as a welcoming package.


  • No deposit bonus – Gaming clubs are realizing that most first time members do not want to add funds to their accounts right away. To ensure that the members stick to the gaming platforms without running away, they get to have a taste of the gaming action without having to deposit a coin. After registering an account, the gaming dens add funds to the members account to start them off. This way you never have to risk your cash. It is also a motivating factor especially when a player wins because they feel they need to invest cash and look out for returns on investment. These can give you an opportunity to play new slots for free.


  • Increased progressive jackpot – Many people who participate in slot tournaments opt to go for the ones that have progressive jackpots. This is where the prize cash on the slots grows until someone walks away with a lump sum. The action does not stop when a winner is announced. The jackpot starts all over again. The Jackpot prize rewards of the new slots can reach millions within a very short time. In the future, the figure can even hit the billion mark.

  While the promotions do not guarantee that you will walk away with massive winnings, they certainly reduce the amount of cash you would have spent on your gaming activities. Stay up-to-date with all such offerings because they are very beneficial.  

More Fun

New slots usually present loads of fun when they hit the market. For starters, most come with themes that you might not have come across in the past. This can be pretty exciting as you try different things to land on the ones you like the most. They can also come with pleasant surprises in terms of features that you could be seeing for the first time. These are some of the things that make sure you never get bored when playing a slot because you are not always repeating the same old things. These titles seldom require you to memorize complicated tools or come up with a high-tech strategy to play. You just have fun as you rely on skills and luck to win. New slots are also offering a more authentic gaming feel that appeals to most players. It is where you get to feel as though you are surrounded by the real action in the traditional brick and mortar gaming clubs. At times, you may be required to practice a bit of patience when dealing with the game features because they can come in complicated forms. Take your time and get to understand them better, because more often than not, they normally bring about more gainful gaming experiences.  

Free or Real Money Game?

  Most punters are normally confused when it comes to playing new slots. Some do not want to play any bets at first while some just want to jump right into the action. Depending on what you prefer, you can first try out a title in demo version without using any cash. This will allow you to get more details about the theme and all the other features of the selection you made. After getting comfortable with what the title has to offer, you can then go ahead and use your cash to try and take home some more winnings. Keep in mind that both versions are usually similar in all ways. The only difference is whether you decide to place a cash bet or not.  

Frequently Asked Questions

New slots also come with their own set of questions that gaming enthusiasts want to know. The top queries that come to mind are:    

  • Which casinos have the new slots?

  Software developers such as NetEnt, Real Time Gaming, Playtech, and Microgaming tend to release titles on a regular basis. For this reason, if you would like to play in a gaming club, it is better to look for the ones that are powered by these developer giants. Examples of gaming clubs you can find plenty of new releases include Jackpot City, Poker Starts, and Kaiser Slots.    

  • Which new slots have the highest payout percentages?

  When playing any slot, whether a fresh release or one that has been in the market for long, it is always recommended that you look at its expected payout percentage. Always go for the titles that have more than 95% because it implies that your winning chances are high. Going lower than 80% simply means that winnings will be more elusive. Titles that have impressive payout percentage include Texas Tea Slot, and Triple Action Frenzy, and Enchanted Unicorn slot.    

  • Are new online slots launched onto mobile gaming platforms?

  Because slot makers want to draw in more and more participants, they normally focus on mobile gaming when creating new slots. This means that as the years go by, more are more titles are available for play on mobile gadgets such as tablets and phones. Excellent news in regards to this is that you do not have to download anything. Members of a certain gaming unit also get to use the same log-in credentials whether they are on their desktop or phone. You get to enjoy all the features that a title has regardless of the platform you opt to use.